Phentermine + 5-HTP
Powerful appetite

The only medical grade combination of pure
high-dose phentermine and 5-HTP

ProtonP5 - Lose Weight 3X Faster | Phentermine Tablets

Safe and effective for prolonged use

Average client weight loss of more than 16 lbs in less than four weeks

The slow release system combined with 5-HTP reduces the adverse
side effects associated with prescription phentermine

ProtonP5 the celebrity weight loss diet
Ever wondered how some celebrities lose weight fast with no weight regain?

PP5 diet - lose weight and keep it off

Taking PP5, you will eat less. A powerful appetite suppressant that will do the calorie counting for you.

Starting PP5, whatever your current calorie intake is, it will decrease.

Reduction of calorie intake is the simple equation that equals weight-loss.

ProtonP5 - Lose Weight 3X Faster | Phentermine Tablets
ProtonP5 - Lose Weight 3X Faster | Phentermine Tablets

So you can eat whatever you want?

The short answer is yes, there are no foods that are off the list, or prohibited.
You will find it difficult to overeat on PP5, even once the effects start to taper off towards the end of the day.

However, there may be disadvantages eating anything you want.
Filling up on fast food has been shown to be associated with emotional eating,
a major psychological hurdle to overcome for anyone trying to lose weight.

The sooner you train the emotional side of your brain with healthy, nutrient-dense meals,
the sooner you will be able to break the link between eating for emotional needs.
As such, PP5 has been designed to be a long-term, sustainable weight loss system
with a built-in taper off time.

Expect this tapering off to begin around 10 hours after taking it, which corresponds to
our advised diet approach of an 800 calorie diet.

ProtonP5 - Lose Weight 3X Faster | Phentermine Tablets
ProtonP5 - Lose Weight 3X Faster | Phentermine Tablets

Burns fat fast

If you have a lot of weight to lose or a specific target in a short time frame, we suggest following an 800 calorie diet.

The vast majority of PP5 clients have had massive weight loss following these calorie guidelines. It is safe and extremely effective for up to 3 months. If 800 calories sounds drastic or unsafe, the original study, carried out by Professor Roy Taylor of Newcastle University, looked for a way to reverse type 2 diabetes and restricted participants to just 600 calories per day for up to 8 weeks.

The professor has since gone on to lead an even larger study, with the new daily calorie intake raised to 800 calories a day, along with the length of participation, in some cases, to be as long as 5 months. The results were equally impressive in terms of remission of type 2 diabetes and, for our main purpose, accelerated weight loss.

Maintenance Period

Congratulations on achieving your weight-loss target!
You are now free to enjoy food once more, without the worry, guilt and weight gain.

How is this achieved?

Now is the time to switch your calorie and PP5 intake strategies.

Step one is to stop taking PP5 daily.
Step two is to transition to a 5-2 diet, PP5 used solely on low-calorie days - it's that easy!

Monitor your weight on a daily basis. Keep your weight within a 3-4 pound range of your optimum weight
Anything more, take a PP5 for the next day and drop to 500 or 600 calories for that day.

A 5-2 low calorie diet approach has been 100% successful for all PP5 clients. Some have only needed to follow a low calorie diet day once a week.

ProtonP5 - Lose Weight 3X Faster | Phentermine Tablets
ProtonP5 - Lose Weight 3X Faster | Phentermine Tablets

How long on a 5-2 diet?

Over time, your body will recognise this new weight as your true weight set point. As we are all different, the amount of time it takes for your body to adjust will be determined by how much weight you have dropped.

The vast majority of PP5 clients have needed to lose over 45 pounds, so on that basis, the average is around 3 months on a 5-2 maintenance diet. The less weight you have lost, the less time you'll have to devote to keeping it off.

Even beyond the maintenance period, keep track of your weight at least once a week.

ProtonP5 - Lose Weight 3X Faster | Phentermine Tablets
ProtonP5 - Lose Weight 3X Faster | Phentermine Tablets

Celebrity Diet

PP5 has been circulating between high-end clinics and elite personal trainers around Los Angeles for the past 5 years. Developed by a leading Beverly Hills clinic, PP5 has rapidly spread through the ranks of the Hollywood elite.

We could not give you a definitive number of celebrities and socialites who have taken, or are currently taking, PP5. However, having personally seen the client list of the before mentioned clinic, at a conservative estimate, I would suggest that a large number of all the biggest weight loss celebrities you could think of are on that clinic's list.

As a former Hollywood resident myself, take it from me, PP5 is the ONLY go-to weight loss solution there is.